East and West of Eden

Texas is home.  I have been traveling through Texas these days and falling deeply in love with the land all over again. The landscapes that change drastically every four hours inspire stories and make me swoon.  We did end up stuck in a ditch after trying to back up my car in an attempt to photograph a herd of lazy cows. We were quickly helped out by a sweet passerby. Eventually, the entire neighborhood turned up to help. Texans.

Goodbye, Austin

Austin was a sleepy little city in 1989. I arrived with a suitcase spilling over with vintage dresses, Mexican shirts, a clean set of  sheets and a laundry basket with sundries and nothing else. My best friend and I were anxious to begin our lives and after a few weeks in town we wanted to find little jobs and settle into little homes of our own.  After almost twenty-two years,  I am leaving town, exiting with a few suitcases and a laundry basket of sundries.

Last night I joined some friends on Congress for First Thursday and finally felt just how much I will miss the place I called home, my way of life and my friends.  However,  I am more than excited about what lies ahead. While I always saw myself one day leaving Austin, no one else did and my news surprised many. It seems a bit of a daring move to some but I must admit that quitting my safe little job felt completely liberating. I am still waiting for that feeling of despair or regret or fear. It has yet to arrive. Maybe it won't.

I can finally leave Austin because I am able to find my way back into town when I am ready. I love this little city more than I know and will return with a renewed appreciation, I am sure, but there is a whole world out there. I'll let you know what I find.

Music to Brood By

The other day, as I ran all over town tying up loose ends, I kept going back to this song. I dig the dark sounding guitar and mood it conjures. It brought to mind the landscapes of Odessa and fit how I was feeling at the time. Really great guitar playing.

On the Move

Beatsville will be moving soon. While you can still find us online in this very same spot, Beatsville will actually take to the road much like Buz Murdock and Tod Stiles. New adventures and new locations all coming to Beatsville so check back in a few weeks.