Vibrant shades of green left after the rain are almost blinding and electric set against the still grey day.  We are in a state of quiet anticipation.  These are the last days of our twosome. Everything seems to have taken on a brilliant vividness, but it is not the season nor is it in the eyes where this awareness lies, it is in the heart.

Picking Berries

For several weeks now we pass a strawberry field with a sign advertising fresh strawberries you pick yourself, to open this spring. I have always wanted to pick fresh berries but just never found a place around Austin and once I did I could never find anyone to join me. So today was a very special day, the field opened to the public and I finally got to pick strawberries.

We brought along our niece and went row by row, trying not to be too greedy. It was hard not to notice how each was shaped and the various stages of growth. I found myself wanting a lipstick, dress and purse all in that ripe strawberry red color. They looked so perfect and I felt a bit guilty snapping them off at first.

We were allowed to eat all we wanted as we picked. I found two, large, red strawberries I couldn't wait to try. They were so sweet and juicy. I feel spoiled now and won't be happy with what is found at the grocery stores.  I once thought the strawberries I tried growing in a small garden bed once were quite glorious. However they quickly became anemic images in my mind compared to what we found today. Being able to collect nearly two pounds of delicious strawberries with my guy and niece on a Friday afternoon so close to spring was nothing short of dreamy.

8 Days Till Spring

These Wisteria scented days are creating sweet Wisteria scented memories.
One day, in the future, a spring breeze will bring back all these walks, blissful smiles,
heartfelt laughs and warm hugs.


Where I am today, among the Dogwood trees and wild blackberries.


Little Traps

Lately, when I spot a crane fly trapped indoors, flying in it's ungainly fashion near a window or along a wall. I have to help it out. Those lil guys only have a lifespan of 10-15 days. I spotted one in the bathroom the other day, bouncing in the shower stall from one corner to another. The next morning it had grown significantly. That is when it occurred to me that so much of it's short life had been wasted flying from corner to corner in the bathroom. Perhaps it was still young enough that when I finally put him/her out there was still much living to be done and the last 24 hours would be looked back upon as a rut or a temporary life snag.  There have been times when I have opened a car window to let one out and it chose to just dance along the window and not fly off even though it was mere inches from a lifetime of possibilities.

This seems to be a situation a lot of living things find themselves in. There is a fish I see in an aquarium, a rather large aquarium, that is not packed with  many fish. This little fish swims the exact same short course every time I happen to sit and watch the aquarium. All that space and it has managed to create a fishbowl within a larger fish bowl.  I wonder why it doesn't swim the entire span of it's world, a world that is already limited. Maybe the fish feels more secure there. That small area is it's comfort zone and a happy place for it. But I see all this space and can't believe the fish has managed to narrow it's world even further.

Being the one on the outside and looking in, we rarely understand why others do what they do. But the crane fly and little fish have taught me to beware of self imposed limitations and spending too much time going over and over the same.  There is just so much more.