We eat our breakfast with the radio tuned to the Christmas station. August hums tunes all day, changing the lyrics each time. Her renditions make me laugh and I write them down because one day she will sing them correctly and I so want to remember her at this age. It's been such a sweet and romantic time full of I love yous.

Lately, for August, naps that start in the late afternoon have continued well into the early evening. As soon as she awakes I tell her to get ready and we rush off to a Christmastime adventure. It's been fun and I have really enjoyed just the two of us on our way in the dark, singing to Christmas tunes blaring on the radio.

Now that Christmas Eve is upon us, the plan is to receive visitors and concentrate on baking goodies but I will remember this Christmas for all those wonderful outings with her and the shiny new moon smiling down  at us.