It's hard for me not to play with this circus that we got for August last year. This music box just makes it even more magical for us. I hope to create felt flags and find some way of making a tightrope.

I find it hard to stop playing with toys and dolls. Reading about Tasha Tudor and her marionettes, doll houses and miniatures has been all too encouraging. We have also been submerged in the world of Beatrix Potter as well. If I could, I'd create Duchess and Ribby puppets so we could re-enact the whole patty pan incident that August finds so hilarious. One of my favorite things to do with August is read her new stories from the large Beatrix Potter treasury book.

This weeks errands and important business calls have taken me away from the playtime I'd love to participate in. I would truly enjoy a day of making clothes for some dolls and bears. I'd love to visit the toy store and find a friend for Lottie. It would be great to have the king and queen as special guests at the circus and find more music boxes for new circus acts. I also have paper dolls I need to cut out...

Of course, I play differently than she does. I remember what it was like to be in a world of real toys when I was a child. While I can still play with dolls and blocks, childhood is gone and I can't get back to where she is. I can pretend and be who she wants me to be but I can't see it how she sees it. No matter how much I would like to or even think that I am back there again...its just not there like it use to be and that's how it is. That's the magic of childhood.


Blogger simply bev said...

Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter - both are magical, even for us adults!

Friday, May 20, 2016  

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