After Valentine's Day August started to become excited about Easter. She would say she wanted the Easter Bunny to bring her candy and have an Easter cake and Easter toys. One morning, watching television, a commercial on Easter appeared and focused on an Easter mail. I laughed so hard when August turned to me with big, happy eyes and said,"What?! An Easter meal? I want a big Easter meal like that, Mommy. Can we have an Easter meal and the Easter cake and Easter candy and Easter toys and a big celebrations?!" So...thought of an Easter meal. One that included a potato salad like the one in the commercial.

It isn't that we don't celebrate Easter, it's just that she only remembers last Easter...barely. She knows she got Easter bunnies and books but not candy. She has remembered the plastic Easter eggs for two years now. We haven't been able to make it to a a large community egg hunt but have had sweet, solitary ones with her. Then for a few days after, the game continues around the house.

So this year the Easter Bunny brought August a chocolate rabbit, just like she had asked. Her Papi told her he had one when he was a little boy. She also got coloring books, crayons in a cute, wooden bunny shaped holder, books and chocolate eggs, and a bag of gummy Easter candy. The Easter Bunny left quite a basket load of candy at this house. To add to the Easter sugar storm that was brewing, I made Easter Lamb Cake and loved watching August laugh and giggle at it. I feel in love with the cake this year, he came out rather cute and I wished he wasn't a cake at all but a stuffed animal. Cutting into this cake was difficult, we squealed and screamed and laughed. Poor little lamb.

After an egg hunt at the park and cascarones we came home to start our Easter meal. This year it consisted of German potato salad, Brussels sprouts and a robust meat loaf. As we sat at the table August had a huge smile on her face and had just woken up from a much needed sugar induced nap. The day had been what she wanted and that brought me nothing but joy.