The best fruit salad I ever had...

August celebrated Mother's Day for a full week. She made me several cards, she promised me a fruit salad on Mother's Day and for the entire week she would come up to me and share a memory of something I did for her, like when I crocheted her rainbow dress, then she'd thank me. My heart melted with every celebratory moment all week long. On Saturday we went to the grocery store and she told me what fruits to buy for my fruit salad.

On Mother's Day she woke up excited asking if it was Mother's Day. When I said yes it was she wished me a Happy Mother's Day and wanted to get busy making the fruit salad. I washed the fruit and set up her table in the kitchen. I got her knives, a bowl and the fruit and just watched in amazement as she started slicing and chopping. The bowl filled with grapes, kiwis, strawberries, peaches and bananas. When she was finished she wished me a happy Mother's Day and I was beyond happy, beyond thrilled, beyond impressed. I was so proud of my little girl for carrying out a plan she had developed a week ago, for working so hard to make something so special for me just for being the sweet and thoughtful person she is.

I picked up the bowl to take to the kitchen table and asked her what bowl she's prefer to eat it in. Her reply was," No, Mommy, just two forks for us." The fruit salad was delicious, it was those peaches that added just the right amount of sweetness to it all. As I enjoyed it with her I had to stop and just look at it. She told me to ", eat, eat." I'm still deeply touched by my Mother's Day gift, still floating on the memory and all the love.