Clay and Klee, Continued

Clay and Klee

August fell in love with the book on Paul Klee's puppets.  browsed through it several times, turning pages and asking me to read captions and tell her who the puppets were. She began to cart the book around with her favorite toys, an affectionate gesture. I suggested we make our own puppets with clay and she became so excited she brought out the book and told me what she wanted to do. I helped by only hallowing out the head once she finished it. I showed her how to create a lip around the neck so we could later put fabric on them. She did it herself the second time.

She watched me create my own puppet head and then, after some hesitation, took off and made her own. I reminded her that there isn't a right way or a wrong way and I was excited to see what she'd  create. This seemed to ease some fears she had of "messing up". I told her she can't mess up and we looked through the book again. I told her Klee's puppets were not perfect and that's what made them so charming. Her reply was that they were, "...very perfect." I then assured her that what she made would be very perfect as well, and they are. I found the faces she came up with adorable.

We placed the puppet heads on the table to dry. She made two and I made one. I hope they will be ready to paint by Monday. This project has been an amazing experience. I'm so happy I came across the book as I had no idea he made puppets. We remain in this Dadadist phase, appropriate for childhood. I explored the Dadaist years and years ago, it's exciting to re-visit with August.

When eurythmy, it's more fun!

Ballet lessons have come to an end. I enrolled August for eight weeks of class over the summer. During that time I delved into eurythmy. I was not successful in finding library books on the subject so I purchased some. This evening August and I tried out some moves, in our most sincere attempts at interpreting what is written and described in the books. I didn't know if she would be interested but when she came into the room, she began to copy the gestures I was making.

She enjoyed creating the vowels with movement. My favorite movement  was the letter "B", she loved, "Ah". I was once an Edgar Cayce enthusiast, so the esoteric background of Eurythmy is one I find interesting and fun. Somehow it's led us to Paul Klee puppets and Sasha Dolls. August now wants her very own Sasha Doll. I wonder why I never had one as a child. We both became enchanted with the puppets and want to try making our own with clay.

The theme of movement is constant here. We have a wonderful classical music station and it always feels good to turn on the radio. She will turn it on and practice her ballet around the living room, asking me or telling me it's my turn. She's taken to yoga and will pull out her mat, turn on a video and go through thirty minutes before bed. I'm following her lead. She didn't get this from me, I have never been a yoga type. Together we have quite the little ritual going on and I will be procuring my own yoga mat soon. It feels good.

I bought tap shoes because she already had some and together we try our very best tapping to instructional videos. This came after watching Terrence Taps perform at the library this summer. It was only in July but now feels so long ago. The interest in tap dancing is also the result of too many 1930's musicals and Shirley Temple films. August asked me what Broadway was and why is it in so many songs.  

"Is she in pre-k?", the boring question I always get asked these days. No, she isn't in school yet. She will answer, "Mommy is sending me to school next year when I'm five." She's not quite ready yet. In the meantime we study our vowels, practice writing our letters, play and play, do a lot of dancing, work with clay, paint in many different ways, read poems and sing a lot of songs. I only wish we had more time outside, but this is Texas during the summer, out by 8am and in by noon or not out at all. They closed the swimming pools last week. today was incredibly hot and humid and I emerged drench from our walk. That will eventually change and we can resume our visits to the park without being on such a strict schedule.

There aren't enough hours in the day to explore and do everything, sing everything, play everything, read everything...always something left for tomorrow. This evening, as we moved through the word hallelujah I felt incredibly grateful that I have been able to stay home with her and that we share our worlds and interests. I love her world of dolls and stuffed animals and hearing her carry on with them.  
I use the time to catch up on reading or just take a break, or I just bring out my old doll furniture and set it up in the living room. Play is contagious.