Thankful for this small epiphany

I blast my music with the windows rolled down, just like others who live here, it's what I have always done because I am from here. I posture a bit, very much ike those who live here and I talk and share like the rest who lve here. But I am not as religious as those who are from here and I have never been. 

I do not believe any amount of prayer will deliver a healing bolt of lightening that will cure all ills or solve problems or even bring strength.  I don't believe a statue or a photograph of a Saint or candles lit for days on end will result in the miracles I need so much. I do not believe any amount of church going and tearful prayers will end with a miracle. 

I do believe that a higher power works through us and other people. I believe there is a God in each of us and it is our duty to help and love one another. I believe that miracles come through the help and compassion of others. I believe we need each other more than we know. I believe a sick child can be helped and healed through a good doctor and medical system, that the poor can get back on their feet through resources, donations and programs that we all fund and support.

I feel my town is dysfunctional in it's view of religion and what is expected from prayer and worship. As a Catholic school girl, growing up in this town, I will never forget the question posed to us in the 3rd grade by our teacher Sister Mary Edwards: How many of you believe that part of your parent's paycheck should go to help those who are not working. I raised my hand along with two other students. It was followed by: Why? And I remember the back of my neck growing hot and how angry I was starting to become hearing my schoolmates say that everyone should work and make their own money and why should we help anyone? I do not remmeber what the nun said. I do not remember how it all ended. I do not remember if I said anything at all, I was so soft spoken and wasn't one to state my opinion. But I never forgot that hypocrisy. 

We have the power to make change in our own world. What doesn't matter to me is how this world came about, only that we are in it and care for it and each other in the best way we can. I do not understand what prayer is for. I pray because I was taught to do so and I have found that it can help steady an anxious soul, However, I believe that action is the road to answered prayers. I believe we can create miracles for those needing them. Imagine finding a person who wants to heal, and helping them find their eduation and their way so they can heal through proper diagnosis, surgery and treatment. 

We can be a part of many miracles if only we change our mindset and take on the whole weight of oue existence and what it is to be human, to be responsible for ourselves and those around us, to care for what we were born into and inherited. How we arrived here is simply  not of the same importance as figuring out what to do once we are here. We all have jobs to do. 


Blogger moonshinejunkyard said...

so beautifully written. I'll be thinking about this a long while.

Monday, November 26, 2018  

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