We have managed to locate antique stores, record stores and flea markets, have enjoyed dining at Indian, Nepalese and Ethiopian restaurants and stumbled upon one of the best street festivals I've been too in October, here in Baltimore. 

The familiar sound of seagulls still manage to catch me by surprise every now and then. I am getting more and more use to seeing them flying about. I forget that we are near water. When we have been in the older part of the city and passed the harbor, it is easy to imagine Baltimore as a quaint seaport with cobblestone streets and taverns.

The changing colors of the leaves paired with cloudy, crisp mornings have me looking forward to the holiday season. It feels like the festivities began weeks ago though. 



Here comes lovely, wonderful, beautiful change.
As if things had not changed enough this year,
more surprises were in store and are now
well on their way.