Rosca de Reyes

My rosca de reyes was hit with family and the lucky friends who got a bite. It was actually a cranberry and pistachio bread. I lined the bundt pan with pistachios and only mixed the cranberry into the batter. It was a delicious combination with a simple powdered sugar frosting that had the slightest touch of almond extract. I loved how it looked liked a rosca but was so much richer than the traditional egg bread. August and I took slices off this for days,  happily extending the holiday with every bite.

A recent estate sale provided us with two gorgeous vintage dresses. I couldn't resist and had to get them for August who was over the moon about them. They are both a champagne pink and so fancy. Valentine's day is looking like our next celebration. Tea cakes a punch bowl, a sweetly embroidered table cloth for a tiny table... There has been an idyllic celebration that has been swimming in my own imagination since I was a child. I might just capture it and make it happen.