Christmasing through the twelve days...

When I was a little girl, seeing a Christmas tree, stripped of all it's festive magic, sitting at the curb was a sight that would bring me to tears. To this day it brings me down. But I remember this wonderful story my mother found in a set of supplementary storybooks that came with our encyclopedia set. It was called Christmas Everyday and by the end of the story it was easier to let Christmas go. Over the years I make it a point to enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas because on December 26th, it all seems to come tumbling down around me. Lights in the neighborhood turn off, all Christmas ornaments and supplies are piled in one aisle at department stores and begin to look well worn as their values drop daily. I avoid the post holiday blues by carrying on through the twelve day. Much like the story Christmas Everyday, after The Epiphany, I am ready to give Christmas a kiss and send it on it's way.

This year our Christmas tree, a Douglas fir, barely made it to Christmas Day. By the second day of Christmas it started throwing ornaments and pushing garland off. It came down and was respectfully laid to rest by December 27th. Left without a tree so early made me promise myself that next year I will resume ordering my Christmas trees from Nova Scotia. I have missed receiving the seven foot long package at my door step and the fragrance of a Balsam and it's longevity. They just don't get crispy until February. With the tree gone, I also found myself wishing I had a large, plastic blow mold. Something vintage I could light up whenever I felt like I needed a little Christmas. I was relieved to find that all my plastic, vintage light up Santa's and electric candles still made everything cozy and kept me in the spirit.

I love celebrating the twelve days with August. I have the nativity prominantly displayed and I remind her that when she puts her cowgirl boots out on January 5th, she will find goodies and treats in them and near them on January 6th because the Three Kings will be visiting. Last year she had Mexican hot chocolate. This year I hope to make a rosca de  reyes, my own recipe and put the baby in it and celebrate the end of the holidays. I need a sweet and festive end to the season.

On the 8th Day of Christmas I threw a party for this little true love of mine.
 Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 2016 bring you joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Francesca said...

Happy 2016 Tera!
We have our Christmas tree up until the Epiphany, when we celebrate with a Epiphany stocking for the children - I guess it's fair exchange: kids get sweats, and in return they give up the tree and its ornaments.

Monday, January 04, 2016  
Blogger Holly said...

Happy 2016 and dia de los reyes. Please post the rosca, I would love to see it.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016  

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