Del Rio

Robert Frank passed through Del Rio, possibly spending at least one night at The Roswell Hotel in the center of town. Passing the declining structure, daily, is a chore. In fact, driving though downtown Del Rio is very difficult. The buildings speak to me of their past and I see a future for the place that will never be because I don't have the funding to carry out my vision and while some share my vision, they are not any better off in making it happen.

I have always felt Del Rio, TX has a very unique energy, a creative energy, and when I am there so many ideas come to me. It is currently the home to a few artist and has been home to so many creative personalities over the decades. The homes and buildings that remain tell the story of a once affluent oasis, not an oil boom town but a hard working little city that prospered off the land by way of sheep and wool. It has an interesting and ingenious little irrigation system through the town. It's border location and ties with Mexico, along with Laughlin AFB have maintained the town through economic hardship.

I would love to be able to buy Del Rio wool and mohair yarn and textiles made from the sheep there. I would love Del Rio or Val Verde county goat milk, goat cheeses, ice cream and butters...For those seeking a small town to begin their artisan craft turned business, look no further than this place. Ranches are for sale, it's on the way to Marfa, TX by way of Highway 90.

Since I was in high school I have seen Del Rio as a diamond in the rough. I feel it has called upon many over the years who were unable to get the word out. The demographics are changing and as cities become less affordable I have always wanted to see the small towns become little satellite cities containing all the necessary amenities: good medical care, good schools, community centers and good grocery stores. I have often wondered, what if Del Rio was the completely unexpected site of a tiny Trader Joe's, what could happen? What if Cosco were to take a risk on a town like Del Rio, what could happen?

It's neighboring town, 45 minutes to an hour away is the other border town of  Eagle Pass, and the two places couldn't be more different. It is comparing Pottersville to Bedford has a casino or two that is advertised up to four and five driving hours away on billboards, while the other just spent a rare fortune on expanding the county library. Del Rio has a community garden and two active cultural art centers, hosts three parades a year and has a market in the town square once a month.

As larger cities price people out, what are needed more than ever are pioneers. Those who are willing to leave all the retail and community comforts of a city and create a smaller and more affordable way of living, in a small town, hours away. In Del Rio, I see a tipping point, it is in a vulnerable position.
I think of the talent that is in the town, three hours away from opportunity and hidden behind the miles that stretch along Highway 90. Keep driving and when you get to Del Rio, see what I see and  hopefully you can make something happen there again.


Blogger nadine paduart said...

i read of dreams here, sweet dreams. and i want to say, what dreams could simply be a matter of time and focus.
i also see a woman and a girl wanting to be where they can find peace. and i think it is all possible, in your own ways.
if this is what you want, tera, then dare dreaming of it. what dreams is simply a matter of time and focus.

i promise to read back on your blogposts here.
and now august's in school, time to get serious about your writing, honey. no u-turns now.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017  

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