Secret: Cloud Parade

As August and I do our small nature walk through the park, I point out the nests in the trees above us and she points out the ants on the ground below. We remind each other its time to be still and stay quiet, "Its nature time".

Long ago, when trapped in a small town among the pines, I showed her how to pick up sticks, pine cones and rocks by picking up sticks, pine cones and rocks. Now she does this all the time and while it's something all children do, she didn't start until that day and has ever since.

We sit and watch a squirrel and entertain a duck with singing, toss rocks into the pond and look at the reflection of the clouds as they pass. "Its a cloud parade!" she squeals. I take notice.  How funny because years and years ago I watched clouds passing over my hammock on a lazy Saturday afternoon and called it a cloud parade. There was no around to share it. I took a photo...August 8, 2009. She was there, a tiny egg of a possibility. She's my 40 year old egg and I was only 38 then. She repeated what I said that day. A little secret, no one could possibly know except her? I'm just tickled by it, a
reminder to me of days long ago spent longing for this exact little human beside me.

"There goes an elf on a butterfly!"

Reading Elsa Bleskow's stories has us spotting traces of faeries, elves and gnomes. In order to do so without much difficulty, one must have:
1. Magic binoculars made to spot faeries, elves and gnomes
2 .Magic butterfly music, because  faeries, elves and gnomes ride on butterflies and birds
3. A magical rock made by a friend who knows magic

But these tools only make it easier to spot faeries, elves and gnomes. You can find them without anything at all, it just takes a little bit longer.

choose a smile

We made a lonely sidewalk finally smile...She was grumpy at first but smiled then smiled bigger. She was sad that so many had passed over her not noticing her mood at all. Finally, we came along and spotted a sad face. Had to  turn that around!