Cheat it

These are the days I want to remember and not lose in the hectic lifestyle that a job, city and strict schedules can bring. The rat race, with it's fast and short, myopic days make our time less satisfying than it once was because we are ruled by the clock in that race. I want my child to have her sleep but I also wish we could play or read more. I miss simmering a wholesome soup for hours in the kitchen and reading book after book, playing games or playing with clay with the radio tuned to the classical music station While we enjoy listening to the radio and our conversations while driving, it's all so rushed. My child wants her soul fed daily, as do I. We want to slow it down and so I have started to look for way to do so. I am all for cheating in this race. Losing some money to gain some time with my child isn't a sacrifice, it feels like the right thing to do and the only thing to do. However, gaining money and losing time with her only injures me. I won't regret time spent with my child. I am reminded of what a friend once said to me, that you spend so much less money when you are happy.

While mindfully set on this quest the other day, we found an enormous fig tree that  spread out like a little house with a doorway and rooms. It also contained a magical time warp. We went in and felt like we had been there forever but walked out and not much time had passed. When we visit after the work day is done, we find ourselves transported to a simpler and secret world where gnomes and faeries coach us on how to better live our lives. We emerge with renewed energy, and on our drive home, the inspirations from the fig tree begin: tea parties, paper dolls, books to read. We arrive home and let in the light, open the door and try to forget the clock. It works out better when we have visited the fig tree and sat in the middle of it's leafy room.

We are lucky to live in a city that has healthy fast food options. Again, another decision I do not regret is spending extra dollars now and then on quinoa done up fancy and delicious. I once had time to create my own healthy quinoa  dishes but its all limited now. While I spend more, it buys time and peace of mind knowing that we are managing to get our nutrition in for dinner.

For seven years I have been slowly parting with the life and ideas I once clung too, trying to learn the lessons of patience and spontaneity. I want to enjoy watching my child playing with her toys and listen to the characters and worlds she creates. I want to play with tea sets and rag dolls and set them up tables. Childhood is so rushed when children have no time to play with their toys. Adulthood is a blur when racing from one place to another daily. It's not living and none of it is satisfying or edifying. So take off work and sneak away when you can, do the work that really counts,  pick up your kid from school and do some living.


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