... and it's our first summer vacation. My little girl couldn't be happier. Despite doing so well in school, she said she didn't like it and missed our "old fashioned days". She is referring to those long days of play, stories and activities with some errands sandwiched in.  I looked tirelessly for a job in the city that would accommodate better hours and a schedule that could give us more time together. I ended up finding that job in another town several hours away.

After discussing it with my child, explaining to her that this would mean leaving long time and newfound friends behind, all the places we have come to love and things we like to do there she still said she'd rather have more time together. For weeks I went over and over what we would be missing by moving to a small town but she would reply, "We can always visit."  She told me she wanted to have a pet, not a dog or cat but a bunny, a peacock and a chicken. She wanted her own garden and that she liked the museum the little town had and being close to her grandmothers. I am still astonished at her wisdom and maturity of spirit. I remained hesitant and continued to go on interviews.

Once we decided to move, other opportunities began to present themselves in the town that just sweetened the  deal and I could no longer put it off.  So we moved and now that we are here, the excitement of  this change is sinking in. I listen to my child who says we have a whole new life here. New is the key word that I stressed to myself when I woke up this morning with fears hovering about all stemming from that one question: Did I do the right thing? Then my little girl opened all the windows as soon as she woke up, something she has done since she could reach door knobs and curtains, and let in the daylight. It was then that I become present and focused on this happy, little smiling face with sparkly eyes, and infectious, bright optimism. This is where I want to be.


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so, if you have moved, or are moving, still looking for a proper home, right?, don't forget to send me your new adress!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018  

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