Pass me the eggnog and I'll give you the minutiae

Proud to say that for as much as I adore eggnog and constantly think of it this season, I've still yet to sip any. I was offered some last night and I even replied," YEAH,SURE!!!!!". However, something happened and my aunt completely forgot about it while we watched Christmas in Connecticut and I never received my rumless cup of. I was good, I didn't bring it up again. I'd like to reward myself with a nice 6oz serving of Promiseland eggnog with dark rum topped with a generous tablespoon of nutmeg. Yum!

William and I are really on this El Patio dinner/Frisco for breakfast kick. Comfort food, does indeed comfort. What I love about El Patio is how everything tastes like you time traveled back to 1967 and stopped for Mexican food at some cafe along the side of a highway:90, Route 66 maybe... I don't drink coffee but my husband tells me their coffee is great. I dig the pralines and sherbert. We are really loving the new Frisco location. If you want the best service ever for breakfast, park yourself at the bar. Careful though, you can get talked into anything up there.

I've been drinking tons of hot apple cider. The eggnog sub. Found that Archer Farms makes a great organic mulling spice in several flavors. You can have really Christmas tasting, hot, spiced apple cider without spending a lot of time slicing and simmering and it's all natural, like 100%. Plus it makes your whole house smell like the Christmas Song.

We have discovered Beany and Cecil cartoons. Can't get enough of them now.

The VW Vinyl Killer: heard of it? Mine needs a home. Taken out of the box three times, really well cared for. Nice lil novelty item to amuse your friends with at holiday parties. Happy to have found a forever home for the many sealed, blank reel-to-reel tapes I had. Yes, the variety of odds and ends I once possessed is extraordinary. Isn't it always though? Let's dig through your boxes.

No, I cannot be found on any social network sites.

Shhhhhhhhh I found out that for Christmas I will receive the book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I have been wanting to read this book since I was a kid after hearing Bugs Bunny cartoons refer to it quite a bit, at least twice. At the time I found it too thick of a picture less book. I forgot all about it until I picked up a 1944 needlework magazine and found a full page ad for it. So I filed it away with the other mental notes. I ran across it at Target of all places. Turns out the novel found new life in 2005. It's about time I read it so I placed it on my Xmas list. Time to clean out the mental note file as well, it's unorganized and spilling over. Nice thing to do in January.

I found some cute vintage Christmas decor. I swore I wasn't going to look for it. I swore if I found it I wouldn't buy it. I swore I had enough. Oh well. This year there seemed to be less of it, like much less of it so I used that excuse to rationalize my newest purchases.

My Christmas cards are all created and awaiting their send off. This year I opted for something rather serious instead of the usual kitschy/ funny photo or the sparkly, die cut, vintage styled ho-ho-ho kind. I made them using cards from the old UT card catalog. I was looking at Christmas cards the other day and though they were all perfectly lovely, none of them fit my mood this holiday season. We had an awesome election,there is no place left to go but up! However, our new president is going to have to clean up a massive mess.
It's all about Peace on Earth.

I'm officially out of stock. Sold just about all my Tiki Monkey items. Time to start again.



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There are so many lovely details in this post - but I must say that my favorite one is that you cannot be found on any social networking sites...
xoxo p

Tuesday, December 16, 2008  

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