Crafty Well I have just about sold out of most of my stock and have started re-stocking but those photos won't be uploaded until this weekend along with work by other artist. Busy weekend ahead. As for crafty, I have a few ideas but NO TIME! I wish I could quit my day job but the insurance is a pretty good perk, so is the pension plan. I have been quite busy with paperwork (car wreck 11/28) and insurance companies, settlements etc.....Then I am getting married in April, just around the corner. I'll be moving just before I get married, UGH! Collecting boxes at the moment and will start boxing soon which means some of my tools will be boxed up as well. I'll be taking a sabatical (short one) from my site I'll say from April-June. During that time, other artist will be posting their stuff.

On Fashion Lucky magazine this month listed a few ensembles I've been talking about and wishing would become more available: cigarette pants and cute 60's tops with flats. I have been wearing more striped tees (think four year old boy looking ones) to cover my chest from the sun. I don't want a camisole tan before my wedding since I'll be wearing a strapless dress. The sun doesn't seem to have moved far from the earth from my location. Yes I know it's winter, somewheres else it's winter, not down here, Bubb.

Music It's been schizo: Bowie and Webb Pierce only. I play Life on Mars over and over and over, Starman too, okay everything he did, I can never tire of LOM or Starman. Webb Pierce and Bowie keep me euphoric for right now.

Thrift and Vintage Well, I did find a cute, 100% wool, grey , pleated skirt in excellent shape for $2. It is the perfect length and shade of grey. Also scored a vintage Pendelton robe in excellent shape for under $15! Man, it is perfect as can be and like wearing a snuggly throw or blanket everywhere I go. It isn't scrtachy and it's a cranberry and blue plaid and tres cool for mornings in a wood frame house.

So that's it. Last night I went on a long drive after 12am. Drove down Burnet 25 mph and sometimes it turned into Tropicana Rd and Paradise Rd in Vegas,
other times it was just like Ave F in Del Rio, other times it was the same old Austin and other times Route 66.

The street gets weird when it's empty and just the neon is out. I turned on the radio and Roger Miller was singing about the little green apples. I happened to flip it on just as it started. That was a perfect moment and I won't find it again the right soundtrack with the right visuals and the right thoughts and that was just the trip I needed.

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