Happy Valentine's Day

My dream job would be designing greeting cards but I would be happy to just design Valentines. In school we'd decorate those old one gallon milk boxes (remember those?) and then at 2pm someone's mom would walk in with cupcakes. Room mothers, that's what they were called. Then there was candy and the passing out of the Valentines. Everyone silly on sugar punch jumping around all excited. Construction paper hearts with paper doilies going home to Mommies. Everyone would read their crappy and kitchy Valentines. I liked themed ones. I swear I got a Happy Days {television show} Valentine once. I remember signing my name to 30 Valentines the night before with my Mom was such a chore. There were people I wanted to leave out but had to stick to class list. The teacher cards-the biggest ones. Valentines that were scratch and sniff were cool. I put a lipstick kiss on one anonymous Valentine in the 3rd grade. I had an extra.  It was a huge hit and created much excitement and got a lot of laughs. I kept my secret. No one ever found out who it was. I can't remember who I gave it too. Now I make a few cards every year for friends.



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