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I have been so occupied with other pressing issues and such I haven't had time to play with my cameras and I miss that. I have two Holgas that I purchased for $14 each, that was back pre-Holga fad and they could be found really cheap. I think they go for $35 now. Anyway, I played with them for a while and had fun but gave it up because I was spending all my money on film and developing. It was supposed to be temporary but they got stashed in a drawer and I found them the other day and got so happy! Time to start taking pictures again, can't believe I put my Holga out of mind when I took out of my bag.
I also played with an old Poloroid Land Camera. I was spending a lot on 667 and 669 film but LOVED the results. Now I see these wonderful sights and have nothing to photograph them with. As much as I loathe the whole digi cam revolution and the inching out of real cameras and film I still want one. While I still want the Canon A620 or something like that I am still looking for a good Brick-that's right, a mid 60's Argus. I would also like to find flash cubes for my 110. I love the grain those produce and would like indoor shots. I would also like to develope some 120 film I took a few months ago with my Brownie and DOH! I still have 3 disposable cameras to develop. I'm usually so camera and film happy but man, I have really slacked off these past months.

Now that I have taken my cameras out my quest for that perfect remote control SLR and non digi cam is up again. I'm a huge Cindy Sherman fan. I was introduced to her work in the 80s when I was in high school. I was trying to do that sort of thing myself as a kid and teen, costumes, characters and self portraits etc....and she did it so perfect and right on, made me want to make my own scenarios even more but I never found a good enough camera or long enough self timer and cable release.
I need to retire from the workforce. Seems like Austin is filled with people my age who retired from the workforce ages ago and are doing quite well doing nothing but pursuing their hobbies and interests during the day. What they do for money, dental and medical care is not my business but leaves me puzzled and envious. I'm not talking setting up a business and working for yourself, that IS work, I'm talking about the...darest I say...slackers (said it, shoot me) who I see when I take a vacation or sick day. Who are these thirtysomethings at HEB at 10am and out taking photos at 11am and eating at Dog Almighty at noon and stay playing ping pong until 2pm and keep referring to how they did yesterday and last week at ping pong right at that same ping pong table!!!! Green, I tell you, turning green! Students? Nah!!!!! Too old looking. No way, don't have those little worried faces and even students pack it up and take it indoors come end of the semester and I see the same faces out and about year round. Green I tell you...very, very green!!!! I'm taking more pictures.

Oh yeah and listening to Transformer.


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