The demise of the Stardust, Riviera and Westward Ho

Future Vegas is one big, sterile, mall of the bland and predictable, the formulated, the focus group tested, the safe, the replicated and mcmansioned. Future Vegas will be for the gluttonous, the mediocre, the easily frightened (those afraid of the grit and the color a place can offer), the easily impressed the uncreative, the culturally lazy, the aesthetically handicapped and the banal. Vegas isn't what it used to be when those "old" hotels ruled (still do in my book, I don't need a theme park to get my jollies, I don't need a mall either I would go to gamble, to dress up and be seen and catch Don Rickles or Tony Bennet or Wayne). This is the NASCARRING of America. America isn't what it used to be, there is a disgustingly,gluttonous hunger from a country with a huge void that ...FYI won't ever be filled because the more you have, the more you want and it gets to be as interesting as a white wall. America's best years are behind it, culturally, economically, socially and by all means politically.
RIP Old School Vegas.


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