My Weekend

I received a complimentary copy of Stitch-N-Bitch Crochet:The Happy Hooker and finally saw my crochet contribution. It was a cool feeling. I am also in the company of really talented and clever "hookers". I'm going to try out a few of the patterns but for now I love thumbing through it. Went to celebrate this at Azul with my girlfriends!

Bud and Sissy. Watched Urban Cowboy this weekend and loved it! Been awhile that I'd seen it all the way through. Brought back memories of grade school and the Charlie Daniel's Band. I think everyone at Sacred Heart Academy had that soundtrack on cassette and brought it to school to play on boom boxes at recess.

I went to an estate sale and scored 8mm home movies. They are so cool! California in the mid to late 60s with surfers, beaches, a helicopter ride. Whoever filmed it also got footage of the freeway from the car so you see these cool old cars zooming by. It was awesome watching them. They are in real great condition too.


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