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I'm going to Los Mochis, Mexico this March to visit my Abuelita! I have not been there since 1989. I have not seen her since 1999 or 2000 when she came to see me. I miss her so much. To visit Los Mochis takes quite a bit of negotiating since it is not located near the tourist areas. We are going for her 90th birthday and staying a week.  There is so much I want to do and talk about with her and this time I have a digital camera and things like the internet and can send my husband photos. Sadly, Sam's, Wal Mart and Cosco are now in Los Mochis and I fear this may have taken all the charm out of the place. On the other hand perhaps those post Nafta nightmares will keep me from becoming ill. I always got ill when I ate in Mexico. I'll miss not seeing my Abuelito or the beautiful walled garden he would keep. I am sure I won't see the produce man with his donkey either.

I am reading a lot about the French: their culture, their fiction, their cookbooks, their movies, their style....
My cat, Mona, is giving me grief for feeding and tending to the whims of a strange stray that has shown up. I just don't want him to cross the street so I go outside to be at his beckon call with food and fresh water. He is too skittish and doubt he'll ever let me pet him but, I don't to step out my door and see a tragic lump of fur.
I think I'll name him Sal Mineo.



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