Viva Las Vegas 2007 and other minutiae

Yet another year that I have not been able to make it to VLV. I'd go to wear gorgeous numbers by Whirlingturban and Stop Staring and for the car show. I really don't mind not going this year what with the Stardust implosion in March (car show would take place in their parking lot) and the Riviera and Sahara not being long for the world(c'mon, we know that Freemont is the best they can do as far as preservation and even then, one day, poof). Maybe as long as the Peppermill and Carluccio's are there, I'll be fine visiting and maybe next year.

The Today Show has declared sewing is in again. Several articles in late 2006 and early, early this month already declared it a trend, hop and ever so in. So, here's hoping someone out there will create an exclusive series of patterns based on the outfits in all the Audrey Hepburn movies. Another thing that was mentioned in some of these articles was a return to older styles and retro.

I just realized it isn't long before I go to Los Mochis,woohoo! I am excited about that. I won't be there long but five days with my Abuelita is gold, pure bliss. Topolabampo Bay with my Granny, frijoles con crema, the papaya trees, the palm trees, the Spring (just before hurricane season)!

Still very much in love with Rohmer's films! Would like to visit France soon.

Also, anyone got a Subbuteo game lying aorund? I want to play, looks like fun. I have been in a board game mood as of late. I didn't realize that LIFE had changed so much. BLEHK! I need to find a 70's or 80's version, the graphics are what I am used too. I don't want to spin the wheel and get a Hummer.

I am parting with many of my possessions this year. The 1960 Silvertone Stereo Console in a minimalist design. Why? Well, it's procurement was sort of by default, never been happy about that. It is tube, not solid state. I could fix it, all it needs is a new idler wheel and those are easy to get online but it's over 5 feet long and I have no place to put it! I could even send the old idler wheel to this place and they'll refurbish it for under $30 but still, no room. I don't want to make room for it either, this is in every sense of the word...baggage. I am selling it for $40 but contemplating a donation to a local church store by the end of next week. I'd like it to go some lovely Luddite who will replace the wheel and love it, love it, love it.

I was going to sell my retro television but after finding a guy in town who can fix it so that it no longer overheats on top, I decided to keep it. I remember waking up at 6am and calling Claudia on a Sunday morning to wait in line with me to enter the estate sale to buy it. She was the only one who would do that for me back then. I was anxious, I really wanted it and if it was sold I'd be pissed because the price on Saturday was CHEAP but at the time I needed to watch my money. Doors opened and there it was 50% off, so we loaded up and drove to my place pleased!

I found an authentic Predicta at Hog Wild for $350. It's a nice tabletop console for anyone wanting a vintage television. That's 150 times what I paid for my television. I will still purchase a Predicta, but uh.....not until this televison goes kerplunk, kerpluey. In fact a visit to a few vintage stores this weekend made me want to sell less and just hold on more.

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