Du Jour, Du Jour

Interests Du Jour:
1. Attempting, exquisite, intricate crochet and pulled thread work
2. Creating new scarves and scarflettes and hats
3. Katherine Anne Porter and Antonieta Rivas Mercado
4. Cantinflas and his films
5. Vintage Mexican Items (not just dresses)
6. Reading, sewing and sorting all weekend
7. Casa Chapala
8. Fried Green Tomatoes from Billy's!
9. The Tiki Lamp comeback
10. Take a Chile y Limon rimmed glass and squeeze half a lime into it, then add a shot of tequila (or two), Fresca (the real stuff) and ice= Frescazit-O!
Have it with cold jicama drizzled with lime and sprinkles with Guajillo Chile.
11. Baybel Cheese! It's sooooooooo good!!!!!
12. Small, older homes are "IN" . Apparently the mansions of the future are less than 1000sqft!
13. Loquats are ready for picking in West Campus!
14. Did you know in England basil was expected to bring good luck to a new home?
15. The Green Ray

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