Ted's Greek Corner

I really miss Ted's Greek Corner. It was located at 417 Congress where the Frost Building is now in downtown Austin. Sat next to Oscar Snowdens.

Ted's was owned by Eleftherios Sofikitis who came from Greece. It opened in 1970. I started going there in 1994 then stopped then started again in 1996. I loved eating and watching the people pass by. It felt really 70's in there. Some music, some Mavrodaphne, lentil soup, you could actually imagine any decade when eating there. You ordered at the counter, nothing was ever written down, no check given and when you were done eating you just told him what you had.

I haven't tried Tino's Greek Cafe but I haven't heard anything really good about it either. We love Olympia Grill in Galveston, not easy to get to when you are craving Galactoboureko in Austin midweek. Ted's was the whole package:location, food,ambiance and Ted. As the years get on I miss the place more and more because nothing else has managed to appear in this town that can just transport the way Ted's Greek Corner did (now even the Frisco will loose that magic even though it is sticking around). Ted passed away Feb 25, 2004. It was sad hearing this and more to miss about Ted's Greek Corner.