Saturday sharing

So this morning I shared Renee and Quincy's Saturday. It began at Red Bud at 9am. I can't believe I have never been to Red Bud Isle. I've lived in town for nearly 20 years and visited all the parks and swimming holes but Red Bud was just discovered,I never had a water loving dog or owned a kayak so that may have been why I never heard of it. It is absolutely ghostly and so beautiful, doesn't feel at all like Austin except it's overrun with happy, wet dogs and their tolerant owners all frolicking together. I dig that old Austin attitude. The place is sublime and you can just feel all the ghosts from summers past congregating there. However, after some Googling I came to find that Red Bud is pretty new.

We then went to the farmer's market where I sampled the best, best spiced peach preserves ever, had the best cranberry/lemonade drink and bought tamales,tomatoes, cucumbers and squash to make calebazita like my grandmother does. Going to try at least.
We listened to the lounge show, saw the Amtrak passenger train(yeah this excites me cause it bring back wonderful memories riding Amtrak) and then ended in my backyard with the girls. We did all this before noon which really made me happy. I spent the rest of the day devouring all the goodies I bought at the market.

I wish we had more of these around town all the time. I miss that about Mexico, all their open air markets and fruit and vegetable stands. My Abuelita and I would walk for an hour to get to her favorite one. We'd start at 7am and the streets were empty. Coming back everything was wide awake and noisy. Once we got back to her house, I'd make the fresh orange juice and she'd start slicing up fruits and boiling water for the beans for lunch My Abuelito would be dressed and at the table ready for his breakfast. Once he'd start on his walk to work, we'd start on lunch.