575 hours of footage

I finally watched The Up Series. I had wanted to see this documentary ever since I caught a trailer for 35 Up. The DVD set did not include the recent 49 Up. If you haven't watched these, I highly recommend them, just not all at one time. All the children at age seven were cute and entertaining but I was most interested in following Neil and Symon. I watched 575 hours in two days because they are on loan on a friend's library card and have a short checkout time. At the moment I am still dizzy from the whole thing and have the World In Action theme song echoing feverishly in my head. I'm putting off 49 for another time. I would own this DVD set just to loan out since I feel I know the series so well now. I don't think I'll ever forget the faces or the stories of these 14 individuals for a very long time.


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