Happy St Nick's Day!

Because of the predicted snow, I ran all my errands this week after work and ended up with nothing but free time all weekend. I caught up on my reading, put up Christmas and the tree and went to a show. I  finally had a chance to read some old Gourmet magazine articles from the 1940's by Clementine Paddleford and Louis Diat. I really enjoy gastonomic writings because they are usually very descriptive and evocative.

Since I was in a very 1940's mood we went to see I'll Be Seeing You: A 1940's Christmas Musical. We I was surprised and impressed with the quality of this cute Lakeway production.  The cast really understood and delivered a 1940's sound.  The costumes were cute. The girls were wearing some Stop Staring dresses so I got to see what many of the designs looked like in person. After the show I thought of Dino and hope we can catch him this month.

I rented Honey West and really dug the wardrobe and of course Bruce, the crazy ocelot.  Anne Francis was so awesome! I may have to get this set because I could watch it over and over. It delivers the perfect amount of inspiration I need to get myself sewing all those 1960's patterns. As for an ocelot, I knew someone who had one once as a pet. I should ask him how that went next time I see him.

Every year I order a tree from De Long Farms and have it delivered a few days before the December 6th. When I phoned them on Tuesday to check the status of The Tree I was told it had just been cut down and would not ship for another 24 hours and should expect to receive it on the 10th. That was slightly disappointing news but oh well.  Bussing home on Friday I thought of how I wouldn't be decorating for another week so maybe I'd bake instead since the day was nice and cold. When I arrived at my front yard, I spotted the familiar seven foot box across my  porch! I phoned De Long Farms and they don't know how or why I received my tree before it was even mailed and suggested, perhaps, a small Christmas miracle. 

Happy Birthday Sparky!



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