Last minute minutiae

We've been spending our days wisely. Recently we had a mini Square Pegs and Freaks and Geeks marathon. Those were really awesome shows, that's why they were yanked off the air after only one successful season. Too much fun.

We took a break to grab some milk for Mexican hot chocolate, it's now a full on addiction. We stopped at Chuy's Bakery on Ohlen. It's the happening panaderia du jour. It's been open for a few months now, occupying a lil corner of what used to be Albertson's. This Mexican bakery beats all other Austin bakeries hands down. TOTALLY! Not only is their pan de dulce the bomb but the place itself is set up really well. Go check it out! I know where I'm getting the Rosca de Reyes this year.

Speaking of all things Mexican, I received "Dishes from theWild Horse Desert" by Melissa Guerra. If your Abuelita didn't teach you to cocinar or if you found her dashes of this and pinches of that difficult to commit to memory, this cookbook can stand in as your Abuelita. The recipes really resonated as they are exactly the dishes my Grandmother makes and speaks of. The Wild Horse Desert is that part of Texas between Del Rio, Brownsville, Victoria and San Antonio. The King and Kenedy ranches, said to be what Giant was based on, are located in that region.



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