"But Boaz Jr. who (as I now learned) was stalking around the neighborhood looking for talent for his puppet show..."
                                                       ~ excerpt from Dr Sax

Why did it take me so long to finally discover Puppet Bike? This is exactly what I need in my life!

It was my sudden interest in Daniel Tiger from Mr Rogers that led me to Puppet Bike. Daniel Tiger was my favorite character in the whole neighborhood. They never featured him enough and I was always disappointed when the storyline didn't lead to Daniel's clock. Today I have my own meowmeow real life Daniel Tiger in Mona. She looks just like him and meowmeows just as much, all she needs is little watch. Daniel Tiger looked a lot like a vintage Steiff puppet. In trying to see if Daniel Tiger was in fact a Steiff is how I ended up at Puppet Bike.

The vintage Steiff puppets have heartbreaking faces and I dragged my best friend into looking at them on Ebay. She fell in love with them too. I don't know if I'll ever actually own one but it's fun to see someone bring a a Steiff puppet collection to life.

In looking up Steiffs I found Steiff restorationist and preservationist who do amazing work. To be able to put together a vintage stuffed animal that has been torn to pieces by a pet dog and make it look good as new is a skill that has left me speechless. I'd love to have that gift! It's really cool to know there are so many talented artists out there who work on delicate, much loved stuffed animals, not only Steiffs, and give them new life.



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