I was just going to list 365 Mexico as a website to visit. I don't know why I never discovered it before. When you are stuck in your cube, the fabric lined box, and bored out of your mind, it helps to view sites like this and have your mind fed all sorts of little creative inspirations.

Mexico 365 is not the usual travel blog. It's  filled with information, personal accounts and photos of Mexico through the eyes of two tourists who sincerely love the country, customs, food and the people. Spending time in their world quickly makes me forget I'm a wage slave.  I suddenly find my tired eyes are once again bright and open, happily focused on the monitor and I'm shot out of my super stupor.

Warning, do not check out this website if you only have a fifteen minute break. It steals a good hour (or more) out of your workday and we all know how terrible that is, tsk, tsk.

I noticed the logo for the website (seen above) was done by J.D. King. I first came across J.D. King's work in an issue of Kitchen Sink's Twist sometime in the 90's.  He had a comic called The Beastniks that I loved. His clean designs and ability to convey movement and emotions with few lines is what sold me. I just dicovered that he keeps a blog where he lists The Modern Lovers, Duke Ellington, Nico, Mazzy Star, Francoise Hardy, The Small Faces, Lotte Lenya and The Left Banke, Kenneth Anger and Ray Ban among other things we love. I like this J.D. King. Preparing to read Metaphors: A Novel.



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