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Today has been a truly beautiful day. A cold front blew in and gave us a very pleasant seventy something degrees on a bright and sunny afternoon. The early morning was chilly enough for a sweater. Those of you with four seasons can't understand what it is like when we actually get weather like this in Austin, Texas while still in September. It makes people giddy, gives us all a new lease on life, it's special. We usually don't have early falls. Sometimes summer bleeds into late October or early November. I wonder what sort of person I would be if I could count on four seasons through the year. This cooler weather puts me in a great mood. I wake up with tons of energy and get so much done during the day, makes all the difference.

I have been trying like mad to conquer the knitting block I have once and for all. I discovered that my Abuelita taught me the Combined style. It is not English or Continental or even a combination of the two. It's a somewhat fast and economical way to knit and is the style most used in Mexico and Latin America. However it is difficult to apply this style to patterns. I ran into trouble knitting in the round a few years ago and after hours of trying I gave up. Now that I know what the problem is there are all sorts of websites dedicated to knitting in the Combined (Combination) style. I must learn to read and follow a pattern so that I can knit awesome vintage sweaters.



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