Trees, trees, trees

It's a recent family tradition to visit a new Christmas tree farm after Thanksgiving. The day was nice and cold (for Texas) as we headed out of the city. This year we visited the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm. This farm has been by far the busiest one we have visited. We were lucky to find parking. It was fun to be around all that Christmasy energy though.

We were taken to the trees on a bed pulled by a tractor with several other families. Once we reached the middle of the tree farm, everyone just sort of disappeared. So we wandered about and among these gorgeous Loblolly pines and Leyland Cypress trying to find the most perfect tree, taking pictures and enjoying the day. It was hard not to keep from posing with those specimens we felt were indeed the most perfect Christmas tree. Some were magestic and others earnest and sincere (see pic). We roamed for almost two hours, clearing our heads and taking in the enchanting scent of pine and oranges.

We never take a tree home because we are all so allergic to Texas trees. It seems to take over two hours to get to us so we never stick around the farms for over two hours. It sucks because we can't hang out long enough to enjoy a picnic and roaming through the trees. I do love a live Christmas tree in the house so every year I order a Balsam fir from Nova Scotia through De Long Farms. I love receiving it in the mail, that never gets old, teehee. I don't know why this tree doesn't cause us to sniffle and sneeze and wake up with headaches. I hope it never does.

We have loved all the tree farms we have visited so far but my favorite was Loma Alta (now closed) because it was so remote. The location  probably led to the closing. I read somewhere they lost trees to drought. I hope it opens again someday.  It was a beautiful acreage.  Tree farms with petting zoos are especially fun for me because I dig the goats, lambs and llamas, the only one in my family who does.  I find livestock usually has a keen intelligence and awareness when it comes to humans.  All they do is watch and observe us making up their minds, forming opinions and drawing conclusions.  Christmas trees and cute animals, I'd love to live on a tree farm.

I really can't believe the season is here. It's cozy in the house tonight and William is playing some Christmas tunes (and stuff by the Byrds). We had the last of our turkey and stuffing leftovers. I just received an invitation to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.



Anonymous Francesca said...

The only tree farm I've ever been to, was a tree farm for paper. I'd never seen anything grow quite so orderly and over vast tidy areas. It was quite an experience.

Monday, November 29, 2010  
Blogger Dar said...

I'm glad to hear you found the perfect tree match - a tree through the mail, what an exciting package to anticipate! I'm imagining its trip from Nova Scotia... how fantastic would it be to visit that tree farm? You could stay for hours & hours & hours!

Monday, November 29, 2010  
Blogger Jedimommy said...

If you love tree farms, you would love Wisconsin. We take our kids to a 100-year-old farm every year. They have a gift shop in a beautiful old white wood barn. They have a straw mountain for the kids to play on. There are sleigh rides and hot cider and donuts. We hike through the snow with a saw and a tarp until we find just the right tree. We haul it back to the barn, have it wrapped and put on top of the car and sing Christmas carols all the way home. It is one of my favorite days of the year. I'd love to live on a tree farm also.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010  
Blogger Tera said...

Dar-DeLong Farms is a destination spot for sure and one day I hope to pick my own tree there and have it shipped :>

Jedimommy-Sounds like a wonderful time at a really awesome tree farm! I would love to live anywhere there is snow. Being a native Texan who has never lived anywhere else (sniff) snow is where it's at for me. One day maybe. I married a man who is into sun and sandy beaches but maybe we can spend some time in Wisconsin or Vermont, a few wintery months :>

Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

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