Leading up to St Nick's

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Did you get gifties in your stocking? Our tree arrived on Friday. 
This year it's tall and full. Setting up tree was the beginning of a Christmassy weekend.

We all attended a sing along and lighting of the tree at the state capitol. The Gardener's Feast kiosk was there and we all had their yummy tamales.  These have to be the best tamales in town. I found myself ordering a dozen. They are lard free, gluten free, no trans fats and they had plenty of vegetarian choices. What I liked the most was that most of their flavors were traditional though not as well known in Texas. They had the sweet raisin ones my Abuelita used to make. They didn't have any sweet pineapple. I am afraid 1982 will forever remain the last time I ever had those tamales. 

We then headed over to the Elizabet Ney Museum ( Formosa) for their Christmas event. This museum is my favorite place in town. It was nice to see it at night and wander among the statues. It's a wonderful studio.We finished our night at Blue Genie.

On Sunday we spent the evening on the couch by the tree watching the Christmas episodes of old TV shows.  It was cozy and nostalgic, nice things to feel during the season.



Anonymous Francesca said...

I've never seen a real tree come in box like that! Our fake one did: a nice and skinny box, that each year seems to shrink more and more when it's time to stuff the tree back in it!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010  
Blogger Missa said...

That's wild that you can order your tree and have it delivered straight to your door. We got ours on Sunday. Lucas put on the lights and I finished stringing popcorn and cranberry garlands tonight, ornaments tomorrow, fun!

Thursday, December 09, 2010  
Blogger Tera said...

Francesca, I had a fake tree that did that, teehee.

Missa, I have ALWAYS wanted to string popcorn and cranberries. I think that is so pretty. One day :>

Thursday, December 09, 2010  

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