On the 5th day of Christmas...

Just about spent five wonderful hours gathered around a table with friends, champagne and yummy treats. Mentioned were the Towle 12 Days of Christmas sterling ornaments/pendants. They began production in 1971 and ran for 12 years. I have heard of them from time to time but never actually saw what they looked like until this evening when I did a Google search. 

I like the feeling of spending the 12 days in a sort of relaxed and casual bliss. Spending the evening chatting and exchanging information, ideas and stories with women I love and  haven't seen in awhile fits right into my idea of Christmas. Now I need to look up Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup because I tried some today and they are so yummy.

Honestly,  I am not crazy about the song the 12 Days of Christmas, it's like that bottles of beer on the wall song. Songs like that have long frustrated me since I was a kid.  But I do love the 12 Days of Christmas motif.



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