We don't see snow much in Austin, TX.  We get ice every now and then. Earlier this year we all enjoyed a freak snowfall in February that lasted all of 90 minutes or so. Maybe less. Everyone brought out their cameras and ran outside, phone calls were made, work stopped, and all you heard were squeals of delight while we enjoyed the "snow".  It was big news on all channels, people interviewed, tons of footage of {us} Austinites trying to make snowmen, Texas snowmen that were more dirt and mud than snow.

This weekend, at the traditional Christmas sing along at the state capitol, I looked up and spotted bugs in the light. They didn't look like moths and other light bugs, they looked like snowflakes just starting to fall from the sky. So that's what they were while we sang Christmas carols, crazy snowflakes, teehee. Thank you, Fred Rogers, for giving me such strong powers of  make believe.



Anonymous claude said...


Monday, December 06, 2010  
Blogger Pillows for the People said...

indeed, almost snow, in fact snow indeed. good job t.
xo p

Monday, December 06, 2010  
Blogger Dar said...

excellent. i applaud your imaginative powers - not pitiful at all!

ps- come to Vermont for all of the snow you could want! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010  

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