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Goat shares seem to be popping up slowly around Austin. The one I discovered is in Llano, TX and that's just a bit too far for us. Since I can't have my own backyard goat (really, I looked into it and it sounds like a full time job and a real handful of concerns if you want one to milk) the next best thing would be a goat share. There is an initial refundable deposit and then a monthly payment. What I get out of the deal is my very own goat who I can visit out in the country and raw goat milk for yogurt and cheeses, Mexican hot chocolate and baking. It would be cool to have a duck share (eggs) and sheep share (wool) as well.

I'm Photojojo crazy!  I love to browse and browse this website.

This year I am checking out all the gluten free Christmas recipes off yummy gluten free blogs. The three I find myself on constantly are Gluten Girl and the Chef, Cannelle et Vanille and Simply Gluten Free. Unlike the recipes in my life thus far, these all seem that they need to be followed closely. When I made gluten free biscuits and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner I had to do both over.  I am so use to just loosely following recipes and having everything turn out just fine. I hope to become familiar enough with gluten free ingredients so I can eventually adapt all my regular recipes. It isn't always as simple as substituting a gluten free flour mix for regular flour.

Seems every year I watch Rudolph I can appreciate the tedious work it must have been to create it. This year I couldn't help but notice every little finger move. A few years ago I bought the book,  The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass and it explains all skill that went into making these cartoons. "Animagic" has a warmth to it and I just don't see computer generated animation capturing that. I am biased though. When I was a kid one of the things I really wanted was a cute, fluffy puppy. I never got a furry pet so the next best thing was to have my cute, fluffy stuffed animals come to life. I think this is why I always enjoyed Rankin & Bass cartoons, they looked like stuffed animals and toys come to life. I also enjoyed the music. Their cartoon The Night Before Christmas isn't stop motion and the characters have a very distinctive 1970's look to them but I still like the music. It was made in 1974 and Broadway was big at the time or experiencing a revival. Even commercials  had a lot of the Chorus Line influence in them. Remember those old McDonald's commercials with all that singing and dancing. I digress...
  The WGN Christmas clips are back!



Anonymous Francesca said...

I live in the country, but raising my own farm animals is out of the question for now: I want to be able to travel or just go away when I have the opportunity. Fortunately, precisely because I live in the country I have neighbors who keep farm animals, and I can get what I need from them. But I never had duck eggs.

Saturday, December 11, 2010  
Blogger Missa said...

You should check out my friend Heather's gluten-free blog:

Love those old 70's stop-motion Christmas shows, they take me right back to childhood. I watched Rudolph with Clover the other day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010  

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