Feliz Dia De Reyes!

Happy 12th day of Christmas. No Rosca de Reyes but we do have really yummy tamales.  The bread usually eaten on this day isn't anything really sweet.  It's meant to be eaten with hot chocolate or coffee. Maybe next year I'll create a gluten free rosca. Since we feel we didn't get enough tamales for Christmas, we decided to just order more from Gardener's Feast and have a festive dinner.

I received an email that was an ad for a retail store promoting a Dia de Reyes online sale. Is this becoming more mainstream, maybe?



Blogger Dar said...

How I love that you celebrate all of the days, making the holiday such a rich time! I see why you love Christmas so. Mmmm - tamales & hot chocolate - I do hope Dia de Reyes is becoming more well-known & celebrated!

Saturday, January 08, 2011  

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