Fin de Semana

No ice days were to be had this week though it was terribly cold. Each morning found me struggling more and more to get out of bed. I didn't think I could finish the week.  Yesterday evening I was inspired to make soup. My Grandmother taught me how to make pozole and caldo de pollo. She has shown me how to make menudo but I have yet to attempt it.  Pozole and caldo de pollo turn out great cooked on a medium flame in a dutch oven. If the kitchen is filled with the familiar smells of my Grandmother's kitchen, I know I did it right.

Last night I made pozole and topped it with slices of avocado and grated cheese. I had never topped it that way. It was not my Grandmother's pozole this time. I was distracted when I was cooking and sort of rushed it.  I was prepared to be disappointed but I rather liked my neo-pozole. I loved the fresh creaminess the avocados brought to the dish and how the dash of mozzarela cheese reminded me of the queso fresca on the chalupas in Port Isabel. This dinner made Thursday feel like Friday evening so I had a hard time getting up again this morning.



Blogger Tim said...

My name is Tim Condry. I'm from Del Rio also. You've got some great stuff about Del Rio on your blog. I found it when I googled Seeger's Bakery. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida now and tried fruitlessly to buy Jack Kerouac's house from his heirs. It's a crap hole now. My blog is Don't do much with it. Who are you? I can't figure it out from the blogs. I thought I knew everyone from Del Rio.

Monday, January 17, 2011  
Blogger Missa said...

Mmmmm... pozole.

Thursday, January 20, 2011  

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