Man with a Camera

"I’m  Mike Kovac freelance photographer. Excitement is my business. I find it by poking, prying and listening. When I find what I want I record it with my camera. It’s fun, money and people. I don’t know which I like best."

The show, Man with a Camera, ran from 1958-1960. It is my newest discovery and I wonder how I missed it this long.  What little I have seen of it reminds me of Johnny Staccato. I'd like to watch all the episodes.   You can read  more about the series here.  Take a look at that camera. With a cameras like that... I wonder if Weegee had an impressive set of guns.



Blogger Dar said...

Photographer = everyday superhero. I love it. He "turned the trunk of his car into a mobile darkroom". Wow. Those rigs are AMAZING.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011  
Blogger Pillows for the People said...

Whoa! this is intense - looks very freudian - haha! you have to tell me more about this...
xo p

Saturday, January 22, 2011  

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