The Legend of Lylah Clare

I caught this film after it already started, I never saw the beginning.  It was the middle of the afternoon  and  I was home ill. I was never really certain if having the flu (the 1994 avian flu epidemic) colored my impression of the film or if it really was that wonderfully bad. It had that gothic camp feel that The Killing of Sister George had and no wonder it was directed by Robert Aldrich, how delicious. I don't think this film is officially available on DVD. There seems to be a bootleg copy for sale on a website. I just found out that the whole movie is now available on Just last year or so when I searched for info on the movie, not much was available in terms of clips and trailers. Now you can watch the whole thing in bits and pieces. I'm not going to watch it until I can get it on my tv at home.  It does stand up well as isolated, campy clips. I think it is worth watching from start to finish if you like camp.
The film The Unguarded Moment (1956) sort of pointed me in the Aldrich direction. Harry Keller directed it and he had an interesting career starting with westerns then went on to Tammy pictures and then Stripes. In between he did The Unguarded Moment. Rosalind Russell wrote the screenplay and it's Esther Williams' first dramatic all just comes together in a style that would appeal to me and lead me down the road to camp, for some reason.



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