They made music together

Richard and Mimi Fariña were only together four years. Richard died in a motorcycle accident at the age of  29. When I read the David Hadju book, Positively 4th Street a few years ago, the death of Richard Farina haunted me for weeks.  As it turned out, when I read of his death in the book, it was April 30th and the 39th anniversary of his passing and what would have been  Mimi's 60th birthday. Talented and beautiful people, long gone from this earth but forever together in one of my favorite photographs by John Byrne Cooke. I like everything about this photo.

Pack Up Your Sorrows

Reno Nevada



Blogger sally said...

wow, i agree with you about everything in that photo! i also read hadju's positively fourth st a few years back right when it came out and it had a huge impact on me. i could feel the presence of those personalities and i loved getting lost in reading more and more about the times. amazing book, still probably the best i've read about dylan, and i always love to hear about the northern ca coast in the 60s. mesmerizing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011  
Blogger Tera said...

It does have that ability to transport and I hated finishing it. Have to pick it up again but it won't be like the first time. I just swam in the words and stories of that book the first time :>

Wednesday, March 16, 2011  

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