1201 Griner-Childhood Dream Houses Part 1

This house in Del Rio, TX has been on the market for nearly a year. It sits on the street we would take to my Grandmother's house. When we were kids, everytime we'd pass by it  my brother and I would stop talking and immediately point and say,  "My house!" Whoever said it first "won the house" and could say what they would do to it if they owned it. I always said I would have peacocks roaming the grounds, my brother wanted a tree house and we both wanted a pool. 

Del Rio has it's share of grand mansions and some modest mansions such as this one. In fact, for a small town it has a bit too many mansions. These are left over from it's golden days as the Queen City of the Rio Grande. Plenty of wealthy ranchers lived in the town.

The Griner House house was built in 1941 and has maid's quarters, a gorgeous staircase and an elegant sun room that looks like a small ballroom. When my brother and I spotted it for sale we thought, if only.  It is being offered at a fraction of the price it would cost in a place like Austin. The entire time we lived in Del Rio this house never went up for sale. It still inspires daydreams and brings back fun memories. I have to say I would still add peacocks and a pool in the backyard and roses. I can't imagine how I would ever begin to fill it though...and here come the daydreams.


Blogger sally said...

love the story of you and your brother! i wonder what the house's story is and who its owners were this long time.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011  

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