Ma Belle Amie

Twelve years ago I happened upon a compilation of Wolfman Jack's favorite 45's. I am a huge Wolfman Jack fan so I bought it and couldn't wait to listen. Tee Set's Ma Belle Amie sounded strangely familiar. I played it over and over seeking out the images in my collection of memories that matched the tune, lyrics and emotions that were conjured upon hearing this song. I couldn't figure it out.

I liked the song so much I eventually played it for my mother who sang along and said , "Oh I remember this song, you were just a tiny baby, the radio played it all the time when you were just a baby".  That explained the nostalgic, warm and fuzzy feelings I felt when I heard the song the first time  (it's not that warm and fuzzy of a song, not really) as well as the vague recognition.  Shortly after that I became very ill and the song became closely associated with that unfortunate event. I never played it again. In fact, I gave the LP away and was glad to be rid of it. Just looking at the cover made me feel ill. The song recently popped into my head one morning and I found it online and gave it a listen. It inspired nothing and this is good.

I did finally discover that the vocals were coming from a baby faced Peter Tetteroo.  Not at all the sort of face I had attached to such a mature voice.


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