My Ins and Outs

1. Sitting under shade trees with my beau.

2. TOMS Shoes. I only recently purchased my first pair in Leesville, LA and have been wanting nothing but more TOMS ever since. I have two pairs so far. It took me awhile to get around to buying a pair.

3. White cotton and linen dresses. I spend evenings online chasing vintage, cotton slips and simple, Mexican, pin tucked dresses.

4. Watching French horror films.

5. Reading. I haven't quite grasped the reality of all my free time and how to spend it. I need a post-it that says READ to remind me. In the past free time meant catching up on laundry or running to do grocery shopping or mopping, tending to the feathered or the furry leaving reading for those nights I couldn't get to sleep.

6. African Violets on windowsills.

7. Listening to the Mexican oldies radio station.

8. DJ's  Boudain. That is the tastiest meal in a casing that I have ever had!

1. Worry. The upside to no longer having a vintage house to keep up with, chickens and pets has been no worries or concerns and that is a welcomed change. Guilt free unloading of responsibilities is amazing!

2. BOBS Shoes. Skechers still have these out?

3.  Women's Jeans. We spent several hours in search of raw denim jeans for women and found that they aren't popular or in stock. What is out there is plenty of ill fitting, soft and faded denim with big stitching or embellishments that just aren't for me.

4. The Paramount Summer Series. This year you won't find me watching old films at the Paramount every evening like I have for a decade. The main reason is I am not in town but this year seems like a replay of last year and the year before that. I fear lack of funding.

5. I will dearly miss volunteering at the Texas Book Festival this November.  That was always a fun weekend.

6. Gardening in Austin,TX. I do not miss trying to grow herbs and veggies during a drought.

7. Mexico. I would love to take my boyfriend to Los Mochis, Sinaloa to sit on a virgin beach but things there are even worse than they were six months ago.

8. Kountry Boys Boudain


Anonymous Francesca said...


Saturday, June 18, 2011  
Anonymous claudie said...

Perfect list :) Still haven't managed to watch Martyrs. I put a bunch of new extremism films on my netflix queue...quelle horreur!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011  

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