Polaroid Land Camera Heaven

I don't know how I only just now discovered this Land Camera website. This is so, so, so exciting for me! I had several Land Cameras at one time: there was 180, 195, 230, 240, 250 and my current 330.  They were never broken, only left behind for some reason.

In Austin one does move around frequently if not a homeowner. In the 22 years I lived in Austin, I moved a total of 17 times. I know I left a box of  books, art supplies, various vintage sundries and my camera behind in a garage apartment I once rented. When I realized I was missing boxes I returned to the rental but the door was locked and the landlord had taken the keys I left in the mailbox. I was unable to contact her for weeks and accepted the fact that I had lost 240. Another time I  broke up with a guy and left my camera behind with the thought that I would collect my things later.  I decided to just never return and that is how I lost 180. I let her go as if I never loved her.

What I have always wanted is a working self-timer for my Land. My 250 had one that only worked once. It was rusty and corroded. My cameras never came with matching flash boots or batteries. I was always running to Batteries Plus to have them make a replacement battery for me. Every Land camera I ever had always came with a sticky pack of smelly, ancient film stuck in it. I am so beyond thrilled to find a website that not only sells the Land but everything you could possibly want for it like self timers and portrait kits and you ca even purchase a camera with a rechargeable battery system. I will be doing a lot of drooling on this website until I can make some decisions.


Anonymous claudie said...

That site is conspiring to get me motivated to start using my little One Step. Thanks for sharing!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011  
Blogger Tera said...

Claude, USE IT!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011  

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