There's no place like home...

Traveling around has really made me think of what a home is and what is home. Home use to be where I lived and where I had my things all around me. It's permanence was comforting and safe. Home is now a person.  Home is my Sweetheart. Where ever I find myself  always feels like home so long as he is there. 

I have never challenged the concept of a home. I have always been able to call a place, a structure my home.  When I went away to school the first time I was very quick to turn the dorm I shared with my best friend into a home even though we were only going to be there only eight months. With much enthusiasm we began sewing curtains, hanging beads and throughout the semester had our parents bring us significant and important pieces from the last place place we called home to make our new home feel more like a home. 

Last week when I found myself in a hotel room for several days, I found that I had no desire to make any part of it my own or make it home.  The room was just fine as it was.  In the past I would have at least looked at the place as a temporary home. It was a comfortable place and I very much enjoyed watching old movies and knitting while I was there.  It was the first time I realized that lately I haven't really been trying to make a nest for myself anywhere.  I also realized how much I haven't missed my things, my possessions, those relics that I once displayed and thought brought me so much happiness to see daily.  Perhaps the walks through antique and vintage stores have managed to satisfy any void of knick knacks I might have in my life. There is more of a focus on experiences than possessions right now.  I still have possessions, they are just crammed into a 5x7 space and tower high above me. I don't miss them though.  There is much I would like to have still, like a  cool Polaroid Land Camera and extras but the desire to own one seems to end at the website.  The feeling is like I just can't eat another bite of my favorite dessert.

When I had an address, and while away from it on vacation, I use to wake up in the middle of the night confused and not knowing where I was for several seconds.  It was a confusion I could count on. I expected to experience this much more often but I have yet to wake up not knowing where I am  because I feel I am always home. 


Blogger likeschocolate said...

That is a wonderful gift.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011  
Blogger Dar said...

Yes! Great reminder.

I remember when I got back from living overseas for a couple of years, when all of my possessions fit into a backpack, with the exception of the "special" items I packed up in a big trunk & left at my parents' house to be retrieved upon my return. I couldn't recall the significance of a good number of them when I got back, & most didn't really inspire any huge feelings in me at all. While living in Boston fresh out of college for a few years, I could fit all of my belongings in a hatchback. Now, I have 1500 books, 1000 CDs, several hundred record albums & lots of furniture. I love these items, but wonder how I'd feel if I didn't have them, if I'd really miss them. I guess it depends on the circumstance of letting them go.

I loved your comment about vintage shops. Working for one right now has let me feel "ownership" & appreciation of many items & their histories without having to own them.

You're free! It's inspiring. And you have your love. The most (the only) important thing.


Thursday, July 14, 2011  
Blogger Tera said...

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment, Dar.

Monday, July 18, 2011  
Blogger Tera said...

likeschocolate: It truly is!

Monday, July 18, 2011  

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