Even Mr Gage has been to Indiana...

I phoned my friend Mr. Gage the other day to check in on him. I had heard Austin had temperatures ranging from 105 to 112. I worry about him although his 175 year old house stays remarkably cool. It's those really thick walls. He said he was doing fine and had not felt the heat too much since he is up at 5am, does a few things around the yard and is done for the day by 9am. I remembered his schedule after he said that.

He asked where I was and I told him Indiana. "My goodness, was Austin that terrible to you?", he said and we both laughed. He then asked where I was and said he had lived in Franklin while working construction. This was new information to me. I had no idea he had worked construction and asked him for more details. He said it was with the WPA back in the 1930's and he was in a group that built schools and a courthouse. I recalled our conversation about the WPA but always assumed he did work in Texas. All of a sudden I wanted to make a trip to Franklin to see what Mr. Gage had built. It is north of Indianapolis and there is a chance we will be passing through. He then gave me his impressions of Indiana and I  enjoyed hearing his voice again.

When I told him I missed him and our visits, talking about old Hollywood stars, movies and photographing his house, He told me he missed me as well and asked when I will be in town. I hated telling him I didn't know but felt so much better when he told me he'd be waiting and it would be a nice surprise to find me at his doorstep one morning.  I have actually been at his doorstep in spirit several times since I left.



Blogger ♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

now i'm missing mr gage! yes, do go and see him, i think you must. is that his porch? shall i come with you? we could have tea. and a beer. or two.

Thursday, August 11, 2011  

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