Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my family in my hometown surrounded by lifelong familiarities. The scents coming from the kitchen, the faces around me at the dinner table as we happily dined on the foods we could count on to taste just as they always have. I am very thankful for that Thanksgiving because we were able to be together.

This year I find myself in Pennsylvania and Thanksgiving dinner was at an elegant restaurant next door to our motor lodge. The dinner and pumpkin pie were impressive both in presentation and flavor. Our server was the restaurant owner, a very nice gentleman who made us feel like we had known each other for some time. It was a pretty day and as I looked across the street after dinner I saw a thick line of pines and spruces, real Christmas trees growing naturally. For a week I have enjoyed the chain of small towns that resemble Christmas villages, savoring the scents and holiday cheer.

So far this new life has been filled with all sorts of gifts. From time to time I have stopped and wondered what possessed me to be so un-me, not me, opposite of the usual me? It had to be something quite Divine to have me welcoming the unknown the way I did. I am thankful for the courage I had to leave my comfort zones. Because I did I have found wonderful things that life has to offer. Today was rich.



Blogger ♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

that is a mighty feeling. this is one of the best there are. reading it here, your enthusiasm is tangible.
i love the connections you make in your present life, with past sprinkles in an exciting, if lesser known future.
[i'm talkin' 'bout the curve, of course, dear. ;)))]
thank you for this wonderfully sweet evocation.

Friday, November 25, 2011  
Anonymous Francesca said...

You have more courage than you think!

Monday, November 28, 2011  

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