Pale Yellow Graces

Small graces bestowed upon me in the midst of chaos are never wasted. Despite how imperfect a day I might be having, finding that moment of bliss and beauty has the ability to make whatever was weighing on my mind pass. After a trying day with little good news, I entered the evening still distracted and agitated. I set foot in the kitchen, not in the best of moods, breaking a longstanding, personal rule.

My cast iron skillet needed a quick seasoning so I poured some olive oil into it and set the burner on high. In the process of whisking eggs to scramble, I reached for the heavy cream instead of the milk. I then poured the mixture into the overheated skillet. Exasperated over having maybe ruined my eggs I turned off the burner. That is when the happy accident occurred. As I quickly scrambled the eggs the shiny, black skillet showcased the pale, yellow creaminess of the eggs. It was a beautiful contrast. I worked quickly to avoid scorching my meal. I noticed how the temperature of the skillet ended up working well with what I was doing and the eggs were done after three simple folds of my spatula. They were so fluffy and actually quite exquisite. I saw that not a trace of them was left behind in the skillet. I slept well that night.


Blogger ♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

exquisite is this tumble tale!
good stuff.
i think i could also do with a batch of those eggs, tera! keep the recipe close to your heart, and mind.

Friday, January 27, 2012  

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